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The Web3 Swiss Army Knife
Write contracts in almost any language

MEM executes WASM and EVM bytecode, allowing developers to use JavaScript, Rust, Solidity, C++, and more. No need to hire for a specific stack, just bring your own.

Interact via API or SDK

Integrating MEM into a dApp front end is as simple as it gets. Read from and write to contract state over API, or use the powerful SDK.

Compatible with 14 chains

Verify any identity or on-chain action across 14 chains. MEM contracts can be deployed alongside existing dApps as a web2-compatible execution layer.

Empty Console MEM
888b     d888   8888888888   888b     d888 
8888b   d8888   888          8888b   d8888 
88888b.d88888   888          88888b.d88888 
888Y88888P888   8888888      888Y88888P888 
888 Y888P 888   8888888      888 Y888P 888 
888  Y8P  888   888          888  Y8P  888 
888       888   888          888       888 
888       888   8888888888   888       888 

Compute you can rely on

MEM is highly deterministic. Contracts mitigate unpredictable behaviour by preventing non-deterministic states, even in potentially malicious contracts.

Feature 02

Forget paying for storage and servers

MEM is a fully managed scalable environment, enabling you to focus solely on code while we handle the infrastructure. No need to provision servers, manage databases or worry about data persistence

Endless use cases

DIDs, key-value store, content publishing, noSQL databases. All on-chain, lightning fast and trustlessly verifiable.

Feature 02
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How Much Does MEM Cost?

MEM is currently free to use.

Why MEM?

MEM is perfect for developers who need to scaffold an immediate, massively-scalable server app with a permanent, cheap database. Aside from a swift and smooth bootstrapping experience, MEM is also great for developers who want to make crosschain dApps with ease.

Which Chains Does MEM Support?

MEM supports all chains with EVM-based signatures, for example, Ethereum, Polygon, Optimism, BSC. Non-EVM chains include Solana, Aptos, Tezos, Tron, Zilliqa, Stacks, Arweave, Telegram Open Network, Massa, Internet Computer, Substrate, Nostr, and Fuel.